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GlycanAge is a biological age test paired with expert advice to help guide your wellness. It determines your biological age by measuring chronic inflammation in your system – which is directly related to your lifestyle.

National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Innovation Observatory

The NIHR Innovation Observatory is the home of health innovation futures scanning. Established at Newcastle University in 2017  they are an active research centre with a focus on the provision of early awareness signals and access to timely intelligence to support national decision making around health care innovation.


The consortium behind Mobilise-D consists of many of the world’s leading scientists, clinicians, and companies on mobility assessment in general and the use of body-worn sensors in particular.
The project focuses on conditions which often affect mobility, namely chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, hip fracture recovery, and congestive heart failure.


TREAT-NMD is a global network of experts in the neuromuscular field that brings together a network of leading specialists, patient groups and industry representatives.
Coordinated by a diverse team based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, TREAT-NMD aims to ensure preparedness for the trials and therapies of the future while also promoting best practice today within the neuromuscular community.


The leader in open edge computing, IOTech solves the industrial data problem at the edge. Their modular and flexible plug-and-play, open-edge distributed computing data platform and edge management software toolset greatly reduce the time-to-value equation and protect software investment beyond the hardware lifecycle.
IOTech Edge Central makes industrial data easily accessible, actionable, and manageable and is the most comprehensive foundational software solution for the edge.

Red Hat

Red Hat delivers hardened, open source solutions that make it easier for enterprises to work across platforms and environments, from the core datacenter to the network edge. By operating transparently and responsibly, they continue to be a catalyst in open source communities, helping you build flexible, powerful IT infrastructure solutions.

They are the leading provider of enterprise open source software solutions.

National Innovation Centre for Ageing

NICA are a world-leading organisation who aim to help co-develop and bring to market products and services which create a world in which we all live better, for longer.
They bring together cross-competence professionals and researchers, commercialisation experts, scientists, innovators, and technologists working closely together with the public in a seamless way, exchanging their intelligence.

ADL Smartcare

Empowering people, through knowledge, to live better lives. ADL Smartcare provides specific, expert help and advice about ageing that is independently verified.
They actively champion positive ageing messages and challenge ageing stereotypes through their worldwide services. These services are underpinned by expert knowledge and academic research.

National Innovation Centre for Rural Enterprise

NICRE put knowledge to work for an enterprising countryside. Combining research with practical innovation to find new ways of unlocking potential and supporting thriving rural businesses and communities.
They work with a variety of stakeholders to find new ways of unlocking potential and supporting rural businesses and communities, from community groups to business support organisations, local enterprise agencies to all layers of government.

Hexis Lab

Hexis Lab use proprietary technology including, AI techniques to facilitate the development of breakthrough products in skincare. They discover new ingredients and formulations, test and optimize products, and create and licence new sustainable products for your brand.
They believe in inclusivity, health and wellness, sustainability, science and technology. They believe that all of these can be combined to create something amazing, and make our world a little better, too.

Skin Life Analytics

Skin Life Analytics are revolutionising skin health by making the invisible visible. They are partnering with cosmetic brands, the sunscreen market and the aesthetic industry to deliver quantifiable interventions through a simple and non-invasive skin test for mitochondrial DNA damage.
CSO and Founder Professor Mark Birch-Machin’s group has pioneered research into the mitochondria’s role in skin ageing since 1995 and over the last fifteen years, Mark has been developing the technology behind the Skin Life Analytics test and its application in improving skin health.


For 40 years, Spectrum has empowered organisations to manage and improve their business and print processes. They tailor each solution to meet the individual customer’s needs through two companies, Spectrum Print and Spectrum Digital.
Their award-winning team has gained a reputation across the UK for helping hundreds of organisations make significant savings in time and money, introducing automated business management and print solutions that streamline processes and improve efficiency.
They aim to put businesses in full control of their documents, information, and data, enabling them to reach maximum productivity and focus on what matters most.

Jumping Rivers

Jumping Rivers is an analytics company whose passion is data and machine learning. They help their clients move from data storage to data insights.

Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne and founded in 2016, Jumping Rivers has delivered quality data insights from day one. The company is bringing a fresh approach to the world of data analytics. Their trainers and consultants come with over 40 years combined experience and have worked with some of the largest (and smallest) companies in the world.

National Innovation Centre for Data

The National Innovation Centre for Data (NICD) was created in 2019 with funding from the UK government and Newcastle University. Based in the state-of-the-art Helix science district in Newcastle, their mission is to transfer data skills to the UK workforce.
Their team of PhD and Masters-level data scientists work to ensure that organisations across the country are equipped to reap the benefits of the global data-driven revolution.


AkzoNobel deliver the sustainable and innovative solutions that customers, communities – and the planet – are increasingly relying on. They are a pioneering paints company that’s committed to science-based targets and is taking genuine action to address globally relevant challenges and protect future generations.
They are active in more than 150 countries with a world class portfolio of brands – including Dulux, International, Sikkens and Interpon.

Urban Foresight

Urban Foresight was established as the world’s first dedicated smart cities consultancy. They work around the world to develop solutions for smart and sustainable places.
Their multi-disciplinary team works across different sectors and is skilled at translating ideas into action. This includes writing award winning reports, providing evidence-based insights and delivering investment-ready strategies.